We can learn many lessons from how Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the earliest generations of Muslims practiced tarbiyah, or educational development and growth. Based on these lessons, we have designed a modern curriculum for students on the O-Levels pathway called the Tarbiyah International Curriculum. Our work is distinctive for its commitment to original Islamic content: virtually each subject and program is designed from scratch so that Islamic knowledge and values are at the heart of what we teach and not an add-on to mainstream secular curricula. Here are the key benefits of the Tarbiyah International Curriculum:

• academic excellence
• unique Islamic curriculum
• technology across the curriculum
• special programs and activities


The Tarbiyah International Curriculum currently covers thirteen core subjects.



The Tarbiyah International Curriculum offers partner schools a variety of programs to complement its core subjects.



The active use of electronic games is one of the special features of the Tarbiyah International Curriculum.


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