About Us

Skylight Education Solutions is a private educational initiative focused on holistic education for Muslim families.

Skylight runs Fajr Academy and Fatiha Academy schools in Pakistan, and also develops the Tarbiyah International Curriculum for its own schools as well as partner schools around the world.

Our Vision

To design and implement a modern educational system inspired by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the earliest generations of Muslims.

Our Team

Skylight Education Solutions is led by Ustadh Asim Ismail, a renowned educational and social entrepreneur in Pakistan. In addition to leading Skylight, Fajr Academy and Fatiha Academy, he is also a widely-sought trainer and consultant in education and Islamic studies. Before founding Skylight he served as the founding Head of Islamic Department at the Reflections School in Karachi from 2007 to 2011, where he successfully tested several initiatives that are now part of the Tarbiyah International Curriculum.

Ustadh Asim is supported by a research and development team at Skylight Education Solutions that comprises professionals from a variety of educational fields with additional training in Islamic studies.

Our Schools

The Tarbiyah International Curriculum is used at Fajr Academy (Skylight’s original school established in 2011), Fatiha Academy (Skylight’s new school brand introduced in 2017), and a growing number of Skylight partner schools.

For more information, visit the Fajr Academy web site , the Fatiha Academy web site, or contact us to be introduced to one of our partner schools.

Contact Us

  • Address:
  • Skylight Education Solutions, B-34 KDA Scheme No. 1, Karachi, Pakistan
  • Contact Number:
  • +92 300 820 729 4
  • Email:
  • info@skylighteducation.com